Your Trusted Advisors for Mortgage Financing
With Titan Mortgage, you can refinance your existing mortgage to:

  • Lower your monthly mortgage payments
  • Pay off your mortgage in less time
  • Pay off your other debts
  • Use your home equity to get extra cash
  • Make home improvements

Titan Mortgage offers a variety of refinance loan options to meet your financial goals:

bullet #1 Mortgage payment reduction
Mortgage rates are near all time lows. Lock in the low rates today to reduce your monthly payment. You can easily save hundreds of dollars a month.

bullet #2 Adjustable mortgage to fixed rate conversion
With rates so low on fixed rate mortgages, it might make sense for you to refinance and lock in these low rates before they go back up.

bullet #3 Cash out
Cash-out refinances are useful financial tools if you want to pay off other existing higher interest debts, pay for educational expenses, buy a new car or boat, make home improvements, etc.

bullet #4 High Loan-to-Value Refinancing
With our VA government program, we can refinance your home even if you have very little equity. See FHA/VA Loan Facts for information about government program funding fees.

Titan Mortgage specializes in the Alaska mortgage market. Our experts have been helping Alaskans with their borrowing needs since 2010.